Friday, April 21, 2006

The Christening - a big "Thankyou"

I just want to quickly thank everyone that came to Alex and Daniel's Christening a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing to have so many (around 75+) people come, including a contingent from Bristol, and the gifts the two received were all wonderful.

The photographer, Geoff, did a superb job, inspite of Daniel being a little antsy - I'll be putting a gallery of the formal pictures up in the next few days - along with prices for ordering prints.

Finally, a huge thanks to my sister Nicky for keeping us all together in the hours just preceeding the Christening when things were getting really manic.

Now we can relax and enjoy Alex's Birthday - which will be a (hopefully) much quieter affair!

[Update 2006-05-09]

I've put Geoff's photographs up on a gallery - if you want full quality prints, just let me know.


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