Wednesday, February 22, 2006

New Year, New Job, New Blog

Well, it's a New Year - or at least it was about a month and a half ago, and life has moved on.

Daniel's growing day by day - he's a lad who just loves his food, but rushes around on all fours (he's not walking yet) so much that there's no danger of him becoming a podge. A rugby player more like - the little muff is just solid muscle!

Alex is now learning to read (good god! before she's 3!), and yesterday asked the exquisitely formed question "Are you not driving tonight, Mummy", catching us both off guard.

But the big news is that I'm leaving Mando Group Ltd for pastures new. I've accepted a Lead Technical Architect position at In4Tek in Altrincham - a new company, new challenge, and a much reduced commute. I'll miss Mando tho' - I'm very proud of what I achieved there.

Finally, I've set up a software development blog - the aim being to catch those useful technical nuggets of information and both preserve and disseminate them. This, I hope, will be used by the guys at Mando and those at In4Tek as their "bedtime reading". Heh!


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