Friday, March 10, 2006

Another day, another presentation

Well, that one went well! I've just finished giving a presentation on "Exception Handling and Logging in .Net" to the Mando programming department. A couple of the guys from Angel Solutions came over too, and seemed to enjoy the talk.

Of course, there was a little pressure to restructure so as not to have to rely on the background that the Mando guys have with the Mando Common Platform, but I think the presentation benefitted from it. Certainly it was a first for me to actually code hands-on in front of an audience!

I'm hoping that these presentations for Mando (and now Angel) will be the start of my raising my profile in the wider developer community. Am I ready to talk to the Manchester VBUG group yet? Not sure - but I do feel I'm getting closer! Maybe next time I won't forget the using statement when I use an external library!


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