Thursday, July 21, 2005

Web services in a different light...

I went to my first VBUG seminar last night given by Christian Weyer of Thinktecture as part of his ".NET User Groups Summer Mania 2005" tour.

One word - superb!

Christian was evangelising "Contract First Web Services" - basically suggesting that for elegant, solid and future-proofed web services, you need to ignore the basic tools that Visual Studio provides - which generate web services based on code you already have (i.e. Code first) - and instead work from the webservice contracts defined as XSD schema.

He's also released a great FREE tool along with a detailed walk-through" for actually working in this "new" way.

So of course I was up past midnight last night "playing" with it all! :-)

Looks like there's a whole bunch of stuff on their resources page too... Now I just need time to evaluate it all!


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