Thursday, January 25, 2007

UK Windows Vista And Office 2007 Launch Tour

Props have to go to the UK Windows Vista And Office 2007 Launch Tour team ( Mike Taulty, Daniel Moth, Mark Johnston & Martin Parry ) for the great show they put on at MDDA yesterday.

Presenting 10 sessions, each of just 10 minutes each, on various aspects of Vista and Office 2007 from a developer's perspective can't have been easy, but they managed it - and managed to provide a something to peaque the interest of everyone there.

The "Manchester Geek Dinner With Developer Evangelists" at Shimla Pink's, organised by Phil Winstanley, was an excellent affair too - although I'm not sure there was any conclusion to the argument between Daniel and Julius over web vs smart client or whether there needed to be better support for Mobile devices! Oh and the curry was pretty good too!

Thanks guys - when's the next one?


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