Monday, December 13, 2004

Google is great... Goodle is wonderful... Google sucks...

Ok - so I like google.

Actually, I like it a lot - 80% of the time, it provides me with exactly the information I want on the first page of results. Perfect.

But then sometimes it doesn't.

Take today - I'm desperately trying to find out how to make a business object, written in c# for .Net, appear on the toolbox in visual studio so I can drag-and-drop it onto a web form.

Should be pretty simple, right?

Well, it WOULD be if the business object was to render something to the page - but I want a non-visual object that works just like the SQLDataConnection et al components.

And can I find anything helpful? Can I £@$&!

All I can think of is that the coding incantations for this type of magick are of such worth that they're the most closely guarded secret on the net!

So yea, Google is great... Goodle is wonderful... but just sometimes Google sucks.

Of course, any hints would be greatfully accepted!


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