Friday, October 21, 2005

Quick Rant

Spam sucks... REALLY sucks... especially now there's "Blog Comment Spam".
I just found a comment to my piece on  Mark's Sysinternals Blog: Running Windows with No Services had attracted a long advert about buying shares in US lumber industry companies!
Fortunately, blogger both lets me delete the command and apply word-recognition to (hopefully) prevent automated comment spamming.
The internet is so much more a wild and dangerous place from that which it was 10 years ago - I sometimes wonder just how naieve people were back then!
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Trialing offline blog software

One of the main problems I've had with blogging is that it is often not convenient to go online to post.
So just for a giggle, I'm trying out Qumana - an offline blog tool for Windows.
So far so good - it has a nice WYSIWYG editor, sits in the system tray until needed, and has a "dropbox" to let me drag URLs into to collect them for later inclusion in a post.
There's also a load of support for adding advertising to my blog - something I'm somewhat ambivalent about. But then again, if I can drive up traffic to these musings and get some benefit from it then so much the better!
As to whether it will make me post more blog entries - well, that's to be seen!
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