Sunday, January 30, 2005

Oh my god - what have I done?!

It's hard to believe quite how fast the last month or so has gone.

First Christmas where for the first time we were hosting the family event, and for the first time my daughter was able to appreciate it. Or rather appreciate the presents and the joy of ripping wrapping paper from them - ah how cute they can be when they're toddlers!

Next - New Year - barely ushered in before the arrival of our first-born-son and second-born-spud, Daniel. Starting life with a collapsed lung, he didn't seem to be getting off to a good start - but now he's growing like a weed, drinking more milk than seems physically possible and smiling with a smile that will definitely break girls hearts...

Oh my god - I'm a dad of TWO now!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Happy New Year! Oh Damn - back to work again!

Well that was 2004 that was!

As 2005 rolled in with the obligatory fireworks and some rather nice champagne shared with friends can you guess what was furthest from my mind? That's it - going back to work.

And here I am now - and for a change, things aren't looking too bad. The projects I've got oversight of are mostly progressing well - I've got time to do some additional research and blue-sky work... all's well.

Until my dear wife phones to remind me that one of our daughter's car seats is in pieces following the chocolate vomit incident and I've brought the other with me to work after dropping the spud off. Looks like I'm going to be daddy-taxi again and have to catch up on work tonight at home. *sigh*

Welcome to 2005!